Hair colouring, discolouration = broken, dry and damaged hair?
Not any more! OLAPLEX means smooth, shiny and healthy hair.
Play with colours and don’t deny yourself a change.


  • What is OLAPLEX?

Hair care system OLAPLEX is used during the hair colouring process in a salon.Dying, discolouring, using straightener or even hot air from the dryer damages the hair structure (through the clevage of disulfide bonds). As a result they are matt, dry and brittle.

OLAPLEX creates new bonds and cross-links the broken ones, dramatically reducing brekage caused by chemical services. The hair become shiny, elastic and healthy.

No3 Hair Protector has been developed to extend the effect of OLAPLEX, which is used between the services. It is a part

of OLAPLEX system designed for home use. It allows for regeneration hair after colouring, protects from the dryer or straightener heat.

Olaplex system allows dramatic hair colour change. Thanks to OLAPLEX famous celebrity Kim Kardashian dyed her hair without damaging their structure.

None of the Olaplex products contains silicones, sulfates, phtalates, DEA, aldehydes, gluten and have never been tested on animals.

Olaplex is an addition to colouring/discolouration, permanent wave or straightening.

Facts you need to know about OLAPLEX:

  • sensitive, damaged and unruly hair after the OLAPLEX regeneration become smooth, soft and shiny
  • added to bleaching products preserves the hair in a good condition, which allows to go more than one shade lighter
  • healthy hair after using OLAPLEX are even more glossy, smooth and easier to brush
  • OLAPLEX recreates bonds, supporting natural effect of chemical hair regeneration, what means that maximum result of the service is visible after few hours.


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